For All Mankind

If you follow me on Facebook then you know my favorite TV show of all time is For All Mankind. It’s good because it has a compelling story line with Russia beating us to the moon and landing the first woman on the moon. I love the mix of factual history and fiction. And they do what we’ve always dreamed of. Since I was a kid I imagined a lunar base and a space station. Even trips to Mars.

There are compelling characters like Ed Baldwin, Dev Ayeisa, Molly Cobb (Penny from LOST), Ellen Wilson (holy smokes she’s hawt), Aleida Rosales, Tracy Steven’s, Margo Madison and others. They have wide story arcs and incredible character depth.

Dev is the Elon Musk alter ego. He sets his sight on Mars and nothing will stop him. Even gutting talent from NASA and forming a criminal gang to accomplish his objectives.

I love that Gordo Stevens (a real astronaut named Gordon Cooper) and wife Tracy (based on Gordon’s wife Trudy) become heroes on Mars.

Molly Cobb and her husband Wayne are the ultimate 70’s hippies. They smoke a lot of pot and deal to their fellow astronaut families. Molly also becomes a hero on Mars.

Ellen Wilson is an amazing astronaut and becomes the first woman president. She is embroiled in controversy when she comes out as gay.

Aleida starts as a young Mexican immigrant. She gets offered a job as NASA because her dad is a janitor there. She eventually becomes an engineer, flight director and eventually an astronaut going to the moon and on to Mars.

Margo Madison is a protege of Verner von Braun. She eventually becomes flight director and collaborates with the Soviets to help improve their rocket designs. This leads to a bad trajectory for her.

I’ve watched all four seasons and stoked season 5 comes out in November. Can’t wait to see what happens on Mars and who else gets involved.

If you don’t have Apple TV then get it. You won’t regret it.

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