About Me: Navigating Life, Faith, and Tech in Navarre, Florida

Hey there! I’m just a regular guy enjoying my “golden” years in the sunny slice of paradise known as Navarre, Florida. I’m blessed to share this adventure with my wonderful wife Dana, who’s been my rock since 1982. Together, we’ve raised two amazing daughters, Lara and Jordan, both of whom are rockstar RNs making waves in healthcare.

Lara is hitched to Curtis, a tough ex-Marine and diesel mechanic, turned charismatic tool salesman. They’re the proud parents of my granddaughters, Krystin (19) and Madysin (16), who are just brilliant. Jordan, the younger of the two, is married to Will, a genius video game developer and gifted musician. They’re about to add another bundle of joy to our growing family this summer, and yes, it’s another girl!

My journey took me through Tennessee Technological University, where I snagged a couple of degrees in Mechanical Engineering by ’88. After dabbling in engineering gigs, I jumped ship for the tech world, landing in the realm of IT support, where I’ve tackled roles from corporate giants to government contractors for over three decades.

Back in ’02, I took a wild shot at starting a church right out of my living room. Juggling full-time work, we grew from six to over 600 faithful followers, which seriously honed my chops in leadership, public speaking, and yep, even marketing—turns out, spreading the word about Jesus isn’t too different from viral marketing!

Fast forward to 2016, life tossed me a curveball with a chance to work at Eglin Air Force Base as a Linux system admin. In my spare time, I channel my inner geek into my YouTube channel, still chugging towards that elusive viral hit, but hey, some videos have clocked over 75,000 views, so not too shabby, right?

When I’m not geeking out over tech toys, or crafting explosive presentations for the Air Force that get rave reviews, you can catch me rooting for Alabama football, binge-watching the latest series, or diving deep into the world of ChatGPT and AI, which has pretty much replaced my Google searches.

Despite the tech whirlwind, Dana and I keep things real with beach trips, boat rides, family get-togethers, and a shared love for 70s rock. Dining in Navarre isn’t exactly a foodie’s paradise, but that’s just part of our quirky local charm.

So that’s me in a nutshell—faith, family, and a fascination with all things tech. Whether you’re here for insights on navigating the complexities of modern technology or just looking for a good story, I’m glad you stopped by. Let’s make sense of this crazy, beautiful digital age together.

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