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Embark on a spiritual film journey with Dave Anderson

Meet Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson, a former pastor turned Linux system administrator, invites you to delve into the world of movies and technology through a unique lens. Based in sunny Florida with his loyal companions – his wife, dog, and cat – Dave is passionate about exploring the intersection of spirituality and entertainment like never before.

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Discover a unique blend of services that bring together Dave’s love for movies, technology, and spirituality.

Film Reviews

Engage with in-depth and thought-provoking analyses of the latest films, infused with spiritual insights and technological perspectives.

Tech Talks

Delve into the world of technology with Dave as he discusses the latest trends, innovations, and their impact on the film industry and spirituality.

Spiritual Reflections

Experience a unique blend of faith and entertainment with Dave’s heartfelt reflections on spirituality found within cinema and technology.

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